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Ooooh... new boy... kid in a candy store!!

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  • Ooooh... new boy... kid in a candy store!!

    Crikey!! Only just discovered this place, but I like it!! A lot!! A lot of browsing to get current, I feel....

    However, I have a problem I cannot nut out, and Google only gets me so far; I bought a Behringer V-ampire LX210 for not much money as a first tentative step into modelling amps, and if I'm honest, I am quite pleasantly surprised at how usable the tones are... or would be if they'd stay without having to re-set to factory pre-sets every time I turn it on! You see, it comes up with what Inassume is an error code in the start-up, the number '51'.
    I've contacted Behringer with predictable results so am asking if anyone knows what's going on in there?? I've changed the CR2032 battery....

    Cheers, chaps

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    This doesn't really conclude, but does imply that a bad Eprom could be a possible cause:
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      If it uses a battery to keep the user data that implies an SRAM is used for storage. These can get a bit hairy on power and especially power down if the data is not to be corrupted. My guess is either the SRAM is bad or the circuits that protect it during power up / down have an issue. As there are no schematics and it's surface mount it makes debugging it a serious challenge. It might be worthwhile just replacing the SRAM just to see if it helps as it's the easy course of action.

      Or,,, just never turn it off.
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        Thanks, chaps! I'm new at this digital malarky so there's a bit of headscratching going on!

        g1 - that link shows as an Error 404 here....

        The amp has some pretty good tones and I'm not using it live, so I'll just live with the quirk; Behringers' customers service is pretty ordinary, I have to say!