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Cyber Twin SE - Constant Scrolling

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  • Cyber Twin SE - Constant Scrolling

    Hello folks,
    I don't actually have this amp at this point but was described its behavior. Apparently, the display constantly scrolls through the presets by itself but if you select a preset it will stop on that preset with that preset's parameters in tact. I'm suspecting a defective/dirty encoder but just wanted to put out a feeler to see if anyone has experienced this symptom or something simialar.
    I recall when I did Fender under warranty that the manual for this amp was HUGE (back in the days of paper manuals) and in two parts as well as being about 50 pages long. Seems like the public wasn't really too interested in a Fender amp with all this digital stuff in one box.
    Anyway, any help would be appreciated.
    BTW, does anyone know what the procedure is for a factory reset on this beast...Thanx and stay safe, glen

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    It sounds like one of the buttons got wacked & is stuck On.
    Here is a copy of the Utility/ Reset.
    Full manual here:
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