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  • Rockman power supply

    I've got a Rockman Soloist that I've been carting around for forty years with no way to use it because the battery cover is lost (and was broken long before it was lost).

    I'm trying to find an adaptor (wall wart/power sply., whatever) and am not having any luck.

    Can you guys explain what the deal is with this thing? Why does it have a positive and negative voltage? I'm guessing that's kind of unusual? I've never seen that before.

    Any suggestions for how I might get power to this thing?

    Rockman Soloist pwr sply +6.4volt 200mA ; -6volt 200mA

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    I have a Nobles clone like that. I took a radio shack nicad 7.4 v charger apart and found it had a center tap on the transformer secondary. Made a power supply with a 7806 and 7906. Works great no hum.


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      I have to look, I think I have a spare Rockman power adaptor in my storage. I bet it would sell easy.. Until then mozz has a great idea.
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        If you use old style transformer wall warts, you can use two 6volt units and wire them up to the plug.
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          That's what I actually did, cracked open a wall wart used for a RC car charger. I had 2 of them and planned on making 2 supplies The secondary had 3 legs. Don't remember if they only used half or had them paralleled. One of those things radio shack had on clearance before closing so my dad buys 10 of them.


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            There was a rack mount for the Rockman called the Rockmount. They used a 12 volt regulated power supply with an artificial center point that created the equivalent of a plus and minus 6 volt supply.

            Normally opamps use a dual polarity power supply. With a dual power supply all of the inputs and outputs sit at basically zero voltage level. If the opamps ins and outs are biased to 1/2 the positive supply voltage, the need for a negative supply voltage is eliminated. A lot of guitar pedals use this scheme so that they do not need a second battery. There are also power management chips that will create the negative supply voltage.


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              Well, thanks guys.

              I'm really stupid when it comes to transformers. I think my preferred option would be to buy something. If that's possible.

              Let me know if you locate yours, Enzo.


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