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Roland VS-840 Zip 100 drive replacement

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  • Roland VS-840 Zip 100 drive replacement

    Hello all..I have been trying to find a replacement zip 100 for my VS-840. I do not want to convert to 250 or CF at this point. I have bought and tried several options but they do not function and I suspect it is my ignorance that is the problem. The zip 100's I buy are ATAPI and come from Apple computers. They have the code "04.H" above the jumper setting diagram. They load zip disks but the drive light flickers and they only play 5-10 seconds before freezing and the display says "Drive busy". They will resume play but freeze just as before. I tested these drives in a known good, operating VS-840. The drive from the known good unit has a code of 23D above the jumper settings diagram. It also shows only 3 options for setting the jumpers as opposed to 6 for the Apple units. Since I know the 23D code drive works, I am ordering another. But I would like to know if these 04.H units can be used in the 840 and how to configure the jumpers to get them to work. Let me know if you know or point me in the right direction to acquire the education I am lacking. Thank you for your help!

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    To update this post, I received a Zip 100 drive, ATAPI and with a code of "23D". I had to remove the 5.25" adapter wings and install it into the Roland VS-840 to test. It works like a charm! It loads the demo zip disk and does not flicker the drive lights. When I press Play, it does exactly that with no drama or hesitation. It plays and does not lock up or give a "Drive busy" warning on the screen. So to sum up, the original zip drive, a part number 01340867 is not replaceable with any and all zip 100 ATAPI drives...even if the connections are all there. The drives with the jumper code of "04.H" will not perform in this unit. They will skip and freeze and refuse to play longer than 15 seconds or so. Only the zip drives with the jumper code of "23D" will work in these units. I am almost certain that others will work as well but for my purposes, the 23D drives work well and can be acquired at a reasonable price used. The drive I purchased was made by NEC and is P/N FZ110A , with a jumper code of 23D.


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