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  • SAP15 N o & SAP15 P o

    Hello folks,
    Working on a Rocktron Velocity 300. It's a version that has the SAP15 darlington xisotors in the output stage driven by an IC. The only schemo avail is an older one with a more standard discrete power stage. I discovered that one of the built in emitter resistors was open. So for the hell of it I just jumped the external pins that connect to these emitter resistors with a 0.22ohm and voila, it works even driven into a load, but has anyone tried this?

    They;re typically 5 watters when external so I have to figure whatever they have internally that can be a 5 watt but not that size must just be in the substrate.
    I'll probably just order the stupid things (seems eBay from China the only source except for the UK),
    If anyone knows of a domestic source, I'd of course rather them from here. Thanx, g