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  • Silvertone 69a Console Speakers

    I'm restoring this console for a buddy and I am at a crossroads on the setup of this unit. It has two push pull 6V6 amps, one for the 4 speakers in the console and the other amp for an external "stereo" speaker which they do not have. I am tempted to split the speakers into spares and run both amps but I will end up with two 16 ohms pairs instead of the needed 8 ohms. I kicked around throwing an 8 ohm sand resistor on each to even things out but realize I will loose a lot of power through heat that way but they will have a stereo phonograph and likely a little more volume overall. How would y'all proceed?

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    Schematic here:


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      Yes I have that plus the preamp and radio if interested. The phono is stereo but I don't think the the radio is as it has a RCA input for multiplex? I guess this was sold separately. They do want one of these bluetooth modules added so I'd like to give them a stereo out if possible.
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        If they're not opposed to replacing the speakers you can get generic home stereo drivers for quite a low price that would likely sound better and would let you choose the proper impedance to run the two power amps.


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