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  • Leslie 122RV Parts Help

    The reverb amp on a Leslie 122RV uses a couple of #19 miniature bulbs in the input circuit. One of the socket pins is broken and will not hold the lamp leg. I thought about getting a socket for the bulb, but I can't find one. I know these bulbs are used in a lot of places, including cars, so I know that sockets have to be readily available. The lamp is listed as having a G5 base.

    Alternatively, does anyone know where to get a pin socket like the one used on the Leslie amp? Is the a socket for a single pin removed from a 9-pin tube socket? Any help appreciated.

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    While we're on the subject, are the 6-pin Amphenol circular connectors used to connect the Leslie to the organ still in production? A lot of vendors appears to have new stock, but I can't find sourcing at DigiKey, Mouser, Newark, Arrow, or any mainstream supplier.

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    I would just wire a female molex pin to push onto the bulb pin.

    A google search "leslie parts" got me a start.
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      Agreed, Enzo. However, there are MANY Molex female pins. I thought I had one that would work, but they're all too big. The one that seems to work is a female pin from a DB9. Is that what you meant? Now I have to isolate one and see if it has enough metal that I can solder it in place.


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        On most of our Centerstaging, LLC rental Hammond B-3's and C-3's, along with the Leslie 122's and 147's, we've changed over to Cannon EP-6 series connectors (and the non-Cannon market versions), as they're far more reliable, though expensive. But, for long term reliable, I haven't seen anything better. I haven't seen any adopt Neutrik's NL-8 series connectors. I think the panel mount will fit that of the EP-6 panel mount connectors.
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          I'd try a female pin from the 06 series of rectangular connectors. Or extract a socket pin from a spare 7-pin or 9-pin tube socket.

          I've sure seen my share of Leslie cables someone stepped on and busted a connector. Something more sturdy is a good idea if you are touring. But I think for the home setup, something not being set up and struck all the time, I'd just replace the broken part with another stock one.
          Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.