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TDA2050 vs TDA2050L

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  • TDA2050 vs TDA2050L

    I am working on a Behringer K450FX that needs the audio output IC. It's a TDA2050L. Is there any difference between a TDA2050L and just plain TDA2050, and does anyone know what the L stands for...lead?

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    'L' is lead free


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      Are real ones even available anywhere?
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        Thanks, I'll make sure I don't put the leaded replacement in my mouth.


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          These are obsolete. Out of curiosity I got a pack of off 10 from doubious-y-bay fully expecting them to be fakes.. Marked TDA2050 but actually the lower power TDA2030 inside based on performance. Use an LM1875 instead as it's pin compatible, very close in specs and not obsolete.
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            Same here.
            Got 50 from a "serious supplier" who swore they were good NOS ones.
            Bunch of crap, they overheat and burn with +/-22V (TDA2050 specs) , even with no load, no signal, yet work well with +/-14V (TDA2030 specs) .
            As mentioned above, get 1875 which are real and stand the voltage, even if they are slightly current shy.
            From a proper supplier such as Mouser, Digikey or Farnell **ONLY**
            Or Texas itself.
            Juan Manuel Fahey


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