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    Should I run a 2-12 Vintage 30 cab at 4ohms or 8ohms. States use a 2-12 Vintage 30 cab at a 4ohm load into the Amp along with the 3-10 in the Amp. Just wondering about a ext cab running at 4ohms into the Amp will it hurt it or should I run the ext cab at 8ohms not 4ohms.

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    Your three 8 ohm Jensens make a 2.67 ohm load already.

    I am not sure how a 2x12 cab can have a 4 or 8 ohm switch. Only way I can think is if it is a stereo cab, so 4 ohms mono, or 8 ohms for each side in stereo. If that is the case, you could use just one side of the stereo for 8 ohms in the cab. If you run it in stereo and connect two speaker cords, it becomes 4 ohms anyway. Please clarify.

    An 8 ohm external added to the 2.67 ohm internal makes 2 ohms. And a 4 ohm external drops it to 1.6 ohms.

    Would that HURT it? Likely not, but I have my doubts as to it working so well.

    Just my opinion.
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      The Fender VK extension cabinet was 4 ohms.