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a customer's call for help!

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  • Chuck H
    Just to be safe, you should have told him to get out of the bathtub before unplugging the amp

    Oh, and..."You should never let the smoke out of your amplifier. They seldom work once the smoke gets out." and, "There is no standard price for putting the smoke back in."


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  • amptech
    started a topic a customer's call for help!

    a customer's call for help!

    Here's a good one!

    During the week a customer call's regarding some advice about he's vox ac30 amp, so the front desk put's him on hold and me ask to speak with him. 'Hello sir' your speaking to repair's department and how may I help you'?
    He's reply was, 'yeah,yeah, it's my vox ac 30 it was working a frew moments ago and then no sound plus smoke started coming out the back and there's a strong burning smell as well, can you tell what the problem is please and how much would it be to fix it!
    'WELL, sir is it still pluged in? 'yes' he said...... 'WELL' cut the power straight away and bring it in as soon as possible! By the way sir DO not plug it back in or your risk more damage being done.