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Line selector with Y-cable ?

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  • Line selector with Y-cable ?

    Hello World,

    assuming I wanted to build a Line Selector for two loop effects, I had thought of using an SPDT switch to select one of the two loops, also using two Y cables, one for the input to the two loops, and the other with two outputs which unify to go to the amp. In your opinion, are there any contraindications when the output signal from one of the two loops returns to the output of the other loop, where the last pedal is off ?


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    I'm assuming you're just directly connecting the loop outputs to feed the amp.

    It depends on the pedals. Many pedals - Boss for example - have a relatively low impedance output of less than 10k ohm that's present even when the pedal is off (bypassed). Each loop's output impedance appears in parallel to the other if their outputs are directly connected, but whether this causes any issues depends on your particular configuration, pedal models, and how you use the pedals. In some cases you may get some treble or volume reduction - it's difficult to say without looking at the pedal schematics.

    It's best to avoid a floating or open connection to a pedal, if possible, and this is what you have with the deselected loop. Sometimes this can cause unwanted noise, even if a pedal is bypassed. Again, it depends on the pedals used - vintage pedals can be more troublesome in this respect.