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Alesis SR-16 Pot replacement

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  • Alesis SR-16 Pot replacement

    Hi, I am looking for a replacement Volume Pot for an Alesis SR-16 (1990 version). I haven't yet removed it from the board to see if the spec is written on the underside so I might be able to get more details. I emailed Alesis but no reply yet...... I doubt they will supply parts (esp for a 1990 Drum machine).

    If anyone has any info on the Pot type or where I can get one it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Maybe these guys:
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      These guys have it, although a bit expensive for a single pot. Also see the note in the description.
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        Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated.The Pot at Instrumental parts looks like it would do the job but i live in Ireland and the shipping is $32.00 (yikes!)...and I will probably be hit with customs charges....The Syntaur site seems to be down at the moment, so will try that later.

        Alesis got back to me and said it is a 4.7A Pot part '0-09-0502' but I think that is the for the newer SR-16 version.....I have asked them to confirm that.

        Any thoughts what the two pins at the rear of the Pot are for? Most I have seen only have the three (or more) at the front.

        Thanks again.