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Crate Pots - Possible source for usable subs

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  • Crate Pots - Possible source for usable subs

    Hello folks,
    This may be a bit premature and I'll post an update when (if) I actually try these pots. I know it takes forever to measure and source pots sometimes.
    I found these pots from Mouser that may work in the Crate amps that use those Square, Horizontal, PC mounted pots with the different colored D shafts as in the Crate XT120R (see attached pic).
    70-103-68 10KA Red shaft: Mouser 313-1220F-10K
    70-501-62 501H 500K rev A taper-Orange shaft: Mouser 313-1220F-500K NOTE: The original appears to be a rev A taper. The replacement is a straight 'A' taper as cannot source the reverse version.
    70-103-61 10KB Blue Shaft Mouser 313-1285F-10K
    70-104-63 100KA Green shaft 313-1220F-100K

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    Good to know!

    As another possible supplier option, I've purchased some Crate pots from Abell Audio in the past. They are not closing, but are clearing out a bunch of things that have been laying around. They might have some pots in stock.


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      the customer did not have that Crate amp repaired so I can't say for sure the aforementioned will work. g


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        I'm going to try your suggestions from Mouser. Have a customer's GFX212T. I will for sure forget to report so anyone can email me in a few weeks. Thank you Mr Mars for the suggestion.