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what is an oscilloscope

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  • what is an oscilloscope

    This is entertaining and educational for some , thought I would share.

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    Is that Mr. Boom from Canadia?

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      Originally posted by Justin Thomas View Post
      Is that Mr. Boom from Canadia?

      You know it is
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        A Tektronix 5103N visual solo

        Jeeez does Keysight really want to be associated with ElectroBoob?
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          Did you ever have to align old video nuvicon pickup video cameras with a vector scope?


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            Thanks for the vid lol! I happen to be in the market for a refurb oscilloscope right now.. Been looking at this one. Thoughts, Comments, Criticism? Fluke 96B ScopeMeter Series II 60MHz Oscilloscope



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              Unless you really need the form factor or portability, it's twice as expensive as what is needed for work on guitar amps. It's new with a warranty and that's worth something, but used scopes are cheap if you can find one from a reputable source. It's hard to find someone who can fix a scope when it's broken. A senior tech that worked for me brought in a broken scope he bought for $5. It blew his mind when I fixed it in 15 minutes. It worked for about 10 years, then blew a filter cap. I fixed that and it's still working.
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