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Book Of The Day - The Ultimate Tone, Volume II

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  • Book Of The Day - The Ultimate Tone, Volume II

    The Ultimate Tone, Volume 2: Systems Approach To Stage Sound Nirvana by Kevin O'Connor

    Reveals how to design tube, solid-state, and hybrid power amplifiers for guitar and bass. Everything you need to know about bias methods, myths, and circuits is here. "Toneful" power supply mods, high-gain preamps, EQs, electronic crossovers, speaker simulation, compressors, and useful switching circuits are all investigated.

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    Isn't that book about 15 years old ? Has it ever been updated ?

    Edit: My copy is (C) 1997 and sold for $40 USD.

    Anybody know what Kevin did to get booted from DiyAudio ?
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    WARNING! Musical Instrument amplifiers contain lethal voltages and can retain them even when unplugged. Refer service to qualified personnel.
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