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NTE launches online components store,

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  • NTE launches online components store,

    Due to overwhelming customer demand, NTE Electronics, Inc is pleased to announce the launch of
    our new online components division, ntepartsdirect

    Now you can order your favorite NTE and ECG brand products quickly and easily with no waiting.
    Semiconductors, resistors, capacitors, relays, heat shrink tubing, and so much more are just a click away at ntepartsdirect - Home Page

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    That is interesting, and some might find it convenient, for a price. I checked several common parts I think are stocked by most repair shops and found all were 4-8 times more expensive than quantity 1 pricing from other distributors such as Digikey. The reason NTE/ECG was often used by shops was due to having it available from stock at local suppliers.
    For example Mouser and Digikey has the ubiquitous NE5532a low noise opamp for about $1 and Arrow has it for $0.30 but the cross for NTE is NTE778a for $4.38. I used them when needed if for some oversight, I was out of stock and needed one in an hour, the extra $3++ was worth it to get one in hand immediately. That was the benefit of replacement types like the old HEP Motorola, RCA SK's or Sylvania ECG, a small number of separate stock numbers were needed so local suppliers were bound to have it.

    Back a long time ago, the regional distributor for Motorola gave me a nice metal bin system stocked with HEP semiconductors and the field salesman would drop by once a week or very 2 weeks and take inventory and charge for those used. Sure they cost more, the difference was gladly paid since it was my penalty for not having a part in stock, when the unit needed to repaired RIGHT NOW. I doubt anyone begrudged NTE or others for higher prices when needed from local stock. Needing to order and get delivery 4-5 days later, makes it a losing proposition to use them since the other on-line distributors are so much cheaper and efficient for 3-4 day delivery.


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      NTE is handy for those absolute emergencies, run across town and grab one. Like running to Radio Shack for a fuse. I see no reason to ever order any. If I have time to order NTE123, then I have time to order 2N4401 at a tenth of the price. And that brings me to NTE makes a tech lazy. Unless I just stock nothing, I probably have a sub already in my drawers that is just as close to the real part as the NTE sub. All my part drawers/bags/envelopes have not only the part numbers on them, but also the basic part specs.
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        I was in need of a 35 amp bridge rectifier.
        Supplier said they had it.
        Got an EMail that it had to come from there NTE Distributor.
        A real quick check & I find out that the BR that NTE says is a cross has the rectangular leads.
        I had to have the pin leads.
        (Please cancel the order. Thankyou)