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Alien Monster 6l6 50W

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    I think we hijacked the thread too much. Let's get back to the OP. I just don't like people demo amps with effect added. I don't even like people putting reverb. The only true demo is guitar into amp through a single jack. You have anything special, show it that way. I did not listen pass 2 minutes because it bored me.

    The sound sounded good as a lot of demos of other amps. If this is to attract me to buy this amp, it definitely failed big for me.

    To me, this is a good demo for the DSL40C.....whether you like it or not.

    I got very close to the sound in the store with my guitar plugged straight. To me, this is a true demo, that I get the real feel of the amp.

    BTW, I really like this Marshall.
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