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Paul Reed Smith official Ebay store - DIY amp building materials

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  • Paul Reed Smith official Ebay store - DIY amp building materials

    Whoever is interested in purchasing DIY amplifier parts, Paul Reed Smith Guitars has an official Ebay account where we have a bunch of items at discount prices. From speakers and reverb tanks to pots and other items, it would be cool if you could check it out. Thanks!

    Eminence Paul Reed Smith SE Speaker Free Shipping | eBay

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    That's good to know, but "we have things for sale" threads belong in the Parking Lot / Flea Market department. Not that we don't have respect for PRS - I'm sure many of us do - but that is where "for sale" goes. I'm sure one of our helpful moderators will sort it out in a jiffy.
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      Same here

      Not that PRS will care or even notice, I bet this was posted in 1453 Forums (so far) with the keyword "music" in it
      Juan Manuel Fahey


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        They want us to visit and use their store, yet, as for as I can tell, the link posted was for a single item - the speaker - not the "store" in general. I am sure I can find it, but it never pays to put anything in the way of a customer, like making him look up where you are located.
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          meh, 10uF / 400VDC Solen caps are $3 more than Partsexpress and PTFE wire is higher than Steve at ApexJr (no serious PRS mojo though!)

          For awhile both Voodoo and FJA would sell all the old PT/OTs they had upgraded to fancier iron on the eBay, since they probably had enough door stops...


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            This is rather impressive ... not your average R&R factory..

            Guitar Maker Paul Reed Smith and Team of Scientists and Physicians Launch Image and Sound Waveform Technology Company ?Digital Harmonic LLC? | Reuters

            CONCEPT - Paul Reed Smith?s Mathematical Gene - UpStArt Annapolis


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              Here are the two patents assigned to company.


              pretty heavy math for someone with a HS education (Paul) so maybe his dad took the lead. PRS includes his Mom (Ernestine) on many of his parents too, so it seems a family collaboration, well funded by middle aged JD/Dentist guitarists no doubt


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                Sorry about that!

                prs_official_store | eBay


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                  Thread moved to appropriate forum per email request.

                  Steve Ahola

                  P.S. On impulse I just bought one of the reverb tanks. Which amps use a 600 ohm tank? (I might just build a ss spring reverb pedal.)
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                    Most Op Amp driven do, from Music Man and Randall on.

                    Or you might build the originsl one, featured in Popular Electronics 1968, my first successful commercial product.

                    Discrete, full instructions, (VERY old style) PCB design included, but best of all, *suitable both for Tube and SS amps*.

                    Not for a pedal though, tuns on around 24V ...which they even show how to "steal" from a`Tube amp, what's not to like?

                    The full project, part of a Guitar SS amp project:

                    Juan Manuel Fahey