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  • Spam sneakily tacked on to an existing thread!

    Originally posted by Wittgenstein View Post
    I'm a huge fan of the Tascam USB interfaces. I started with a fasttrack which I did not like. I returned it and got the more expensive Tascam US 122. It had a USB interface, 2 xlr inputs with phantom power. I found myself wanting more inputs however and was considering buying a mixer as well. I saw that MF had the Tascam M-164UF as a stupid deal of the day for half price (around $199) one day and managed to get Music123 to price match, plus an extra 23% off for not having the lowest price... lol. Ended up paying around $180 shipped for it and I have never looked back. The US-800 is also a great unit. I just wish you could select phantom power on certain channels and not all six XLR's.
    Yes! US - 800 is a great choice! But I could find that only on resource to get that Phantom power is a main pecularity that can be selected on some channels.
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