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Only $50 for 5pcs SMT PCBA

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  • Only $50 for 5pcs SMT PCBA

    In order to thank for all the support from our customers, ALLPCB now carries out a special offer - only $50 for 5pcs SMT PCB Assembly. You can get an instant PCBA price through our instant quote system.

    PCBThe specific details of this special offer are as following:

    1. This special offer is for 5pcs prototype PCB Assembly boards and each board within 100 solder joints.

    2. On condition that the printed circuit boards, components, and stencils are all available, the concerned lead time is guaranteed within 24 hours and no expedited fee is charged.

    3. There is no need to worry about the after sales service. Any quality issue for your special offer SMT assembly orders, we promise to compensate 3 times of the price of the PCBA ( up to $150).

    4. Besides, we offer free stencil service for every PCB assembly order. If you want the stencil to be shipped along with your PCBA order, you need to pay the extra shipping fee.

    ALLPCB is committing to helping all engineers complete their R&D easily, conveniently and cost-effectively. Donít miss the rare price! Come and order Now!
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