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A strange problem with a timer T1 interrupt

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  • A strange problem with a timer T1 interrupt

    Stc microcomputer, T1 timer interrupt, there are two programs in the interrupt, there is a flag bit, according to the identification bit to determine which interrupt program to execute.
    T1ZD: JC CX1
    JMP CX2
    CX1: ...
    CX2: ...
    The problem is: if one of the two ends of the interrupt program is executed separately, it is normal. If the bit is judged and executed selectively, it will not work normally. Ask God to give advice, thank you
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    Funny you posted this in the "Music Electronics" section, since we have a dedicated "Fun with Computers" area:

    Not too sure about the
    Ask God to give advice

    Also funny that the link-bomb you posted says not a word about any
    Stc single-chip microcomputer
    which makes me think this is just a way to drop said link-bomb payload.

    Also not sure how new members with zero posts can drop links in their very first message.
    Juan Manuel Fahey


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      I don't see a link. I think nosaj must have removed it. Probably better to relegate this to the spam file. I don't know if nosaj has that power with the new system.
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        We know what we have to do...

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