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I found a one-stop PCB assembly service only $7.

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  • I found a one-stop PCB assembly service only $7.

    A few weeks ago, I wanna make a CNC machine.
    So I think about it, what kind of things I will need.
    It likes I need some 3D print parts, a PCB assembled board and some drive.
    I have a full 3D print skill and I know how to use a drive to make a CNC machine.
    But as you know, buy a PCB assembled board is not impossible to buy an only one,
    I don't have a enough money to buy more than 10 pcs, I am just a student.
    Lucky, one of my friend Tommy, send me this link:
    Omg, there are has a big discount for the PCB assembly board, and it was crazy if you are new on this website.
    Only $7 for 5 pcs.
    That was fantastic!

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    Like David H would say:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	fetch?id=851912&d=1516789489.jpg Views:	0 Size:	946.6 KB ID:	912995

    In his favour, he spams some PCB service only once a year, so itīs bearable.

    Now his guitar active pickup schematic based on bridged TDA7294 was glorious.
    Juan Manuel Fahey