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  • Battery charging idea...

    I'm toying with the thought of building a rechargeable battery system, using a number of cheap Li-Ion and NIMH battery chargers, controlled by a timer to keep the batteries ready to use, while preserving their maximum life cycle.
    For this purpose I collected some data:
    1) Li-Ion batteries like frequent charging to 60%, whereas 100% charging shortens their lifespan.
    2) Best is a separate, slow charging charging circuit for each battery.

    It would be useful having four batteries of each type at any time ready for use and welcome any suggestions on this idea...
    Regards and Thx in advance, Joh

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    Today I made a battery top-up bank for all my rechargeable batteries, because that way I always have a number of charged batteries available.
    First I use the Bm110 charger to refresh NimH and NiCad batteries and the BT-C3400-Battery charger to prepare the Li-Ion batteries to about 50% and then keep the topped up with this battery charging bank.
    I wonder if there's something like that somewhere available? Although, since my knowledge of electronics is only at hobby level, maybe you got some better ideas on how I could improve it.

    Topping up Li-Ion batteries:
    Li-Ion batteries last longer on a max. 60% charge I read. That's why I BT-C3400-Battery charger measure their capacity, then charge them to about 50% and use a timer to keep them at 50-60% charged.

    Topping up AA +AAA NimH and NiCad batteries:
    I bought a number of these Universal chargers and leave the batteries in there, because when they are charged the charger turn off and when the voltage drops they automatically top-up the batteries.

    Topping ul NimH and NiCad batteries packs (= 3V6 to 10V8 packs):
    First I fully empty the battery pack via a lamp or resistor and then, use a 12V/1A power supply to fully charge the pack until it gets quite a bit warm and then use the top-up battery bank to keep the batteries topped up via a 12/1A + 5V/3A power supply and the timer. Each connection to each battery pack feeds some 200mA current via a diode and a selected resistor. I guess with daily 10Min charging time I should keep them all topped up.
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