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Choking sound. Orange Squeezer project

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  • Choking sound. Orange Squeezer project

    Hi guys, i just finished building my orange squeezer by tonepad. Made some mods for bass as stated on the tonepad site. I get clean sound as long as i dont increase the volume of my bass guitar. But when i do, the OS is choking.. I tried different amps cuz I thought the amp is the prob. But i still got the same problem..
    It will ring and then it will just stop, and then it will sound again.. Like choking... Especially when i hit the hi notes, or when i slide from lo to hi note...
    I was thinking about eliminating the bass mods and just stick to the original design...
    Help guys...
    Oh by the way i used 2n5486 instead of 2n5457(the original fet transistor on the schematic.)Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2015-12-09-19-57-49.png
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Size:	67.3 KB
ID:	870168This is the Orange Squeezer compressor from tonepad.
    For Q1,Q2, I used 2n5486 instead of the original 2n5457 due to availability.
    And also i used in4148 for D1 as a substitute for in100/in34a.
    And for the trimmer pot i used 100k pot(not a trimmer), ill replace it with 10k tomorrow.
    And i used 2.7k resistor instead of 2.4k.
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    What type of bass active or passive? If active you may be clipping the signal.

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      Im using a passive bass..
      When i hit the string, At the start of the note,it will choke and then it will sound again. Its like the OS is compressing the beginning sound of hi notes to a level where it mutes the hi notes as if it is choking...
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        Oh hey! I was able to eliminate the choking sound. I think the prob is the faulty opamp. I replaced the 4558 with tl072. And tadaan! choking eliminated!
        Now i got a clean sound, but i feel like instead of a compressor, it has turned into a booster..
        When i reduce the sustain trimmer/pot to minimum, the volume level goes down. Wondering if this is how it really works.
        I still coudnt get a in34a ge diode, so i used mtz series diode. I think its a zener.
        The result is a very low freq signal/sound but its very clean, with no distortion.
        Hope to get a in34a GE diode soon, hoping i could make it function like a real compressor like it should be.


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