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Burns Orbit Three

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    NEED SCHEMATIC for Burns Orbit Three

    Hi univox, This is my very first post.
    I do a lot of amp repairs in the Orange County area of Southern California in the USA. Yesterday a very nice man brought me a Burns-Orbit Three, to fix.
    After opening it up....well, lets just say that I was amased. All solid state and Terminal strip/Point-to-point wiring, Two channel w 2 inputs each and seperate treb-bass-vol, a multiple position rotary voicing selector switch, switchable 120/240volt mains, Footswitchable Vibrato/Reverb, 3x10" Speakers, a Serial Number in the mid 300s...VERY COOL!!! Any kind of circuit schematic or layout or documentation of ANY KIND....even for a different model of Burns Solid State Amplifier would be a HUGE HELP!!!!!! At this point-barring any documentation-I'm looking at reverse engineering the whole, very complicated, amp-many hours. I'd very much like to be abel to economically repair this amp, and other Burns Amps too, if I can find a way. Again, ANY INFORMATION on any Burns amp will be helpful.
    Thank you,
    Hopefully Waiting,
    AKA; Dave
    PS. I'd love to fix your Orbit 2...if I can.

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  • univox
    burns orbit 3

    hi ted , i have schematics . get in touch if you need them...[ you can fix my orbit 2 at same time if you like ]

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  • Ted
    started a topic Burns Orbit Three

    Burns Orbit Three

    Transistor combo from 1963-ish.

    Hand wired. Disgustingly so. Anyone got any information at all?