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trying to find acoustic model 470 schematics

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  • trying to find acoustic model 470 schematics


    I am trying to find the schematics for an old acoustic model 470 solid state amp I have. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    Acoustic 470 Schematics

    Acoustic 470
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      Thanks Jazz P Bass.

      I thought I was out of luck but you saved the day for me and for this old and great amp. I am a guitarist. I won’t be bringing it back to life. A person who specializes in solid state amplifiers will do that. I am guessing he knows of this forum but just in case he does not I will let him know about it. Maybe he will become a contributor some day. I was told about him by a colliguue who specailizes in tube amps. I will pass this forum on to him as well.

      When my 470 acted up I bought a used Roland Cube 80X because a friend loves this amp. I agree, great little amp. I wanted to keep the 470 running because I have an ES345 gibson stereo guitar and I want to (finally after all these years of using this guitar and an older version if it before) make use of the stereo output and feed two amps during jam sessions etc. Maybe some day I should get the schematics for the Roland Cube 80X so I can have them just incase there is a need for repair or incase someone else needs them and I can contribute if I happen to luck out and see the request.

      Thanks again,
      John Bowles


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