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Guyatone (tokyo sound) 440s Tube Amp Schematic

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  • Guyatone (tokyo sound) 440s Tube Amp Schematic

    Hello - I am trying to track down the schematic for a Guyatone (tokyo sound) 440s Tube Amp.
    Both the tremolo and reverb are dead on it.
    I've been tracing thru the amp, but a schematic sure would be nice...

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    Have you contacted Guyatone and ask them?

    Nick has several Guyatone schematics here:
    Guitar Amplifier Schematics and more

    I don't see your model, but I;d wager your trem and reverb circuits are similar to those in the drawings he has.
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      I contacted Guyatone, but they said they've lost a bunch of their info/schematics and are trying to re-find it themselves. Long story short, they don't have the Model 440s schematic. Thanks for the info/link. I'm heading that way now.


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        I ended up using the Guyatone GA-430 schematic which is pretty close. Here it is: GA-430-trimmed.pdf
        I'm hoping to edit it so I have working schematic of the GA-440 that I have.
        If I get that far I will post it here in case someone else can use it...


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