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Thump18s schematics or service manual needed

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  • Thump18s schematics or service manual needed

    hello everyone, I hope someone can help me to find the schematic of a SUBWOOFER THUMP18S that keep to burn IRFB4615 and IRS2092S. I found online some schematics that in theory are of this model, but in my case they are not correct.
    My board is this one:
    PCB : 2038306-01

    in attachment are what i found on the net (not right for me)
    SRM1801 (Mackie TH18S)

    and here a picture of the board

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can give help (any tip is really appreciated)

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    Are these the right ones?
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      thank you mate, but i already have these ones. you can see i need schematics for pcb 2038306-01 . in that pictures schematics are for 0020664-01
      maybe someone else can provide the right one.
      thanks the same
      edit: on that website also i tried to send an email using contact form, to ask for right scheme, but always failed to send.
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        This looks like it matches. The .rar file in your first post is not valid so I wasn't able to compare them. Check all the components that drive the gates of both FETS.

        Mackie_THUMP-18S {SM} Rev C.pdf
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          yeah nickb!! many many thanks these are the right ones
          now i will go for repair and will inform about news
          thanks again


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            ​​hello, after some months i am here again with troubles with this sub.. now i have problems with input board, i have no signal sent to the amp board. Reference numbers on the board are : PCB ASSY ASP TH-18V2 2042322-00
            On the other side of the board i have PCB FAB 2042321-00 REV:A00

            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-20200713-WA0011.jpg
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Size:	111.3 KB
ID:	909845 Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-20200713-WA0015.jpg
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ID:	909847
            On the net i didn't found anything correct. I tried to contact loud technology on support loudtec, but mail form gives me always error to send.
            i hope someone can do the miracle again, so i can search what the hell is with this one.
            Many many thanks for any hint
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              I don't have that one. Generally speaking you will have a differential input buffer, a high pass filter, a low pass filter and probably a limiter. Start by checking for power on pins 4 and 8 of the 8 pin opamps. Try to figure out which is the input buffer, hint is look for a bunch of input protection diodes. Scope the outputs of each opamp starting there and working your way though until you find where it disappears. If you get no output from either HF or LF amp that narrows it to something common. Level controls always deserve a check, suspect anything that is mechanical in nature.
              Experience is something you get, just after you really needed it.


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