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Hohner/Marlboro 1550 Bass Amp Schematic

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    Thanks again all. I was just beginning to check capacitors in the power supply. I know the causes of motorboating, but was mainly curious if my attempt to use a different transistor might be contributing to it. I understand the explanation as to why now & not before. I had been working on tracing & testing prior to attempting to replace the bad transistor. I tried 3or 4 different transistors, and 2N3904 had the most amplitude out of the preamp. I had begun to remove & test capacitors in the power supply when I stopped. I think one of the 2200uF is bad as I had tested it out of circuit just before I quit for the day. . More tomorrow.


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      Yes, 2200 (red arrow) looks like as break + pole and then soldered.
      Tip: Change C14, C16 (2200u / 40V) probably changed ESR or capacity due to long-term use.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	cap.jpg Views:	0 Size:	76.8 KB ID:	910715
      Who does not know and knows that he does not know - teach him Confucius)
      Who knows and does not know that he knows - wake him Confucius)


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