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Thread: Behringer DDX3216 - Trying to repair, please help!

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    I personally don't think an ADT1616 or any other expansion card could kill the CPU as looking at the 50pin connector pin out most of them are relating to the digital audio I2S busses leading to the DSP board and power and there's only a TX/RX on pin's 40 & 42 going to the CPU,
    I'd say it's more likely a power supply issue maybe due to the increased demand's on it after fitting the card,
    is it turning on at all or even attempting to start up ?
    if it's getting as far as displaying the DDX3216 on the screen and freezing try replacing the watch crystal on the CPU board
    as stated me and EEngo unfortunately plugged in the wrong power connector into the CPU board when putting it back together and turning it on

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    yes, I think you are correct.
    the most probable (and definite!) cause for a dead CPU is using the wrong power cable. I don't think there is a second way to fry a CPU in general use. As the CPU is not consuming a lot of power in normal operation, a heat-related failure is also very unlikely.

    The main problems of the DDX are still heat in the power supply (therefore failing caps, regulators and diodes in the power supply), failing caps in general (especially on the LCD board) and a swapped power connector on the CPU card after cap exchange

    I have checked with a thermal camera, but there are no heat issues with CPU or DSPs. Apart from the power supply the ADCs are running hot, too, but I have never seen a failed ADC so far.

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