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Thread: ISO mini Momentary on (on) DPDT switch for Dual Mode Kill switch

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    ISO mini Momentary on (on) DPDT switch for Dual Mode Kill switch

    I realized a design for a dual mode killswitch/live switch and have since found these for sale online, but only with a large button.
    basically a dpdt killswitch would be reversed into a live switch by the switch of another dpdt switch...
    I cannot find a mini mom non clicking dpdt button or a mini mom on (on) on dpdt toggle switch anywhere on the web, and i really dont know why nobody seems to make them. ebay, amazon, electronics depots....
    I dont want a 2cm button on my guitar.
    Does anyone know where i can find a mini ~6mm diameter dpdt mom on (on) switch?!
    why would they make these switches in a bigger size but not in a smaller size when there are equally as complex small switches?
    are there any other kinds of small mom switches i could possibly use that would be a similar size to a mini toggle?
    are there any other circuit designs that would allow for a kill switch to be switched to a live switch, using only 2 switches?
    Is is possible to open one of these switches up and modify the click out of the button, or to modify the center of an on off on toggle to be on (on) on

    most distributors dont list if their buttons are clicking to activate or not and i have already bought 2 that are which doesnt work well for rhythmic triggering.

    here is an example of what i mean:

    Thanks for any help or forwarding!
    been bent on this for years now

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    From what I see a "killswitch" is nothing more than a switch across Hot and Ground which shorts signal to ground when activated.

    If so, you don´t *really* need a full DPDT 6 terminal switch which I guess is shown on schematic to make it truly "universal" , as ion "it covers ALL possibilities"

    Simplest option would be a N.O. spst switch: inexpensive-simple-easy to find in many sizes including 1/4" - 6mm
    Normally does nothing, when pressed mutes/kills sound (if I understood your explanation).

    Next will be an SPDT momentary one; plus an SPDT mini toggle switch which routes signal hot to either NO or NC contact.

    You can select either always ON which you kill with the pushbutton or always OFF which you unmute by pushing.

    SPST toggle switches are widely available for use in Guitars, and reducing pushbutton to SPST complexity will make your search easier.

    In fact I remember mini toggle switches being offered in pushbutton versions, same body and contacts, so they esthetically match each other.

    the full Monty:

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    Juan Manuel Fahey

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    ^^^^^^ What Juan said. I can't think of a reason you'd need a DPDT switch for a simple kill switch.

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