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Guitar Amp fluctuating on certain notes

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  • Guitar Amp fluctuating on certain notes

    Recently I was experimenting and had a little too much fun with the feedback, not noticing how loud i was actually playing my amp started giving up and began fluctuating. I noticed after a couple of minutes and turned my settings down to study what had happen, now what i've noticed it works perfectly fine when turned down to about Volume 3 without any distortion; turning up the volume a little more when i hit D bass note on the 10th fret down it starts to cut in and out I have a Fender Deluxe 90 DSP Combo amp and a Fender 2004 Stratocaster, I've tried to wait a few days to give it a break LOL didn't do much for long as my amp began to become overwhelmed and kept cutting off on me in and out. The best way i could describe it is when you just hammer on it sounds like the note is on repeat rapidly, kinda like a psychedelic effect or pedal I could post a video but I am unsure on how i can do that on here, if it's not possible I'll post it on youtube when i get home. Any questions or answers will be greatly appreciated as i am debating whether or not to save this babe or to move on over to another lover

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    The first thing you do with ANY DSP amp with ANY problem is do a FACTORY RESET. It should be in the owner’s manual and usually involves holding down 3 different buttons while powering the unit up. If that does not resolve the problem, since the issue occurred after high volume use with distortion.. I would suspect a damaged speaker. Try plugging in another speaker for test.


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      Some connection is loose. The physical system resonates at some note so the vibration is strongest there. It causes the connection to intermit.

      I'd use a rubber mallet - or my fist - to bang on the chassis to search. Also use a wooden chopstick to probe parts.
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