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  • Ampeg Portaflex B18 X

    I found a schematic for this amp on the net but i cant gint a layout . Does anyone know where i can find one ? I found the chassis at a storage unit a friend was cleaning out. Its missing the trays but everything else apears to be there. Would this make a good guitar amp even though it was designed for bass guitar ?

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    Hi baddog,
    Time ago I restored a 1966 one, I used a schematic I found it on the internet. I'm sorry I can't help you with the layout.

    As to the second part of your question I think it to be a great guitar amp as well IMHO. As a matter of fact, when I finished it, the friend who brought it in to have it restored was so delighted with the sound, he used it to record his band's new demo, and he brought me the demo's CD to listen to the sound. ( BTW he used the "accordion" input ).

    Good luck with your restoration project!

    Best regards

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      their is next to nothing for info on this amp. I think I'm just going to sell the thing because its to big of a project for me. I assume the amp is pretty rare with the lack of info about it.

      Thanks for the reply


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        it's a shame you're going to sell it IMHO, as you said, it's a pretty rare amp, ( and a great one ) and, looking at the pics you posted, it doesn't look all that bad....
        Seems like the tag board and the components are all there, as to the missing transformer you can surely find a suitable replacement ( the output tubes are 7027s but you could switch to EL34s easily enough with only minor mods ).
        As to the tube layout, seems to me the tubes' type was embossed on the chassis, if not, I can take pics of the one I restored, if you need me to.
        It could also be worth to contact Ampeg, time ago I had a problem on another Ampeg amp and their answer was kind, effective and lightning-fast....

        Think it thoroughly before selling could regret it!
        Best regards
        Hoc unum scio: me nihil scire.


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          The B-18X is a cool amp, I have one myself. Mid 1960s.

          It was intended for keyboards, guitar or bass.

          The tube order is on the schematic. I don;t recall ever seeing layouts for hte AMpegs.
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            Hi baddog,
            try this link,


            you' ll find a lot of useful info, including how to convert your amp to use EL34s.

            Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics of the B18-X I restored soon....

            Hope this helps

            Best regards

            Hoc unum scio: me nihil scire.


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              I look forward to seemg the pics.



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