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pregain gain/master volume for 5e3

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  • pregain gain/master volume for 5e3

    I realize it's sacrilegious to discuss the option of a master volume on a 5e3 clone but can it be done? I've got a new clone coming but I'm a preamp gain kinda guy. I like being able to control the output volume and preamp volume.

    My current setup is a gibson ga-20 - demeter compressor - hiwatt slave power amp. This serves me pretty well but I'd like to consider something a little more portable.

    Has anyone ever done this and if so can it be done non-destructively.



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    Because the preamp has much headroom in the 5e3, simply adding an attenuator between the pre and amplifier sections won't work the same way as a preamp that wants to or normally distorts and is easily pushed to do so.
    So, that said, the answer certainly isn't a clear cut 'no', but it's been tried and the results were...yes it changes the sound a little bit it didn't produce distortion like I thought it would.


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      I agree.
      The preamp in the 5E3 produces enough gain to drive the power tubes into distortion. When adding a master volume you certainly won't get any distortion like in a master volume marshall, for instance.
      The result would be the same sound as how the amp sounds BEFORE power tube distortion only less loud.

      Hope this helps