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  • Check out the POS I just bought


    I was poking around EvilBAY looking for kits and parts, and low and bohold I stumbled across this thing already put together (poorly) and I figured I could just gut it for parts.

    I'm thinkin' "I wonder if it actually works?"

    Surprise!! it sounds great! Better than any cheap SS amp I've had.
    What (besides throwing it a trash can) would you guys suggest (if anything) to "improve" it? I can read schematics, understand electronic theory, and have made a living as a component level tech, but I have zero experience with tube amps. It appears to be a 5F1 variant. the good things I see are a couple of "orange drops", Hammond trasformers (oooh DC CT!!), and twisted AC lines. The bad begins with the cheap aluminum chassis, perf-board, and cheap-ass chinese 12AX7.

    I'm all ears guys.
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    Hell, that's a work of art compared to some of my projects.
    Stop by my web page!


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      If it sounds good, leave it alone. The parts you could salvage don't cost very much new anyway, so by gutting the amp you would hardly save anything but lose a good sounding amp.

      If you're planning to build a tube amp from scratch, you could get those same sockets, new, for very cheap. And those transformers won't be good for much but another champ-type clone, or maybe a reverb unit.



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        Might try different tubes. A different 12x7 might change the tone for the better.