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blues junior volume is low then cuts in loud at 7

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  • blues junior volume is low then cuts in loud at 7

    I was hoping someone might have experience with this volume problem.

    Its a 2007 or so stock blues junior. The volume control is low with little volume and little low end till I push it up to 7 or so and then it cuts in normal or higher than normal loudness.

    I've tried it with the master volume at different settings, with and without the fat-switch on, I've switched around the tubes, I've fiddled with the input jack, and tried various tone and reverb settings.
    None of those changes effects the problem with the volume (knob).
    I took out the board and checked the caps, I see none with any obvious leakage and I see no fried resisters or any other obvious damage to the board.

    Any ideas? I can't imagine it being the pot but who knows?

    I'd appreciate any thoughts - thanks,

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    check the solder joints on the tube sockets and wiggle the speaker jack, sometimes they go bad


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      Why can't you imagine it is the pot? The pot is way more likely than any of the other things.

      Are you the original owner? Was it purchased in the USA? I has a five year warranty here, so just take it to the nearest Fender authorized repair shop.
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        Thanks for the pointers. No idea why I didn't think it could be the pot, but sure enough it has a crack on the back just like on Billm's page.