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Help fixing odd amp noise?

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  • Help fixing odd amp noise?

    Hey , so I've been having this issue with my amp. It's there at all volumes, but really only noticeable when you turn it up. It sounds like the background noise on vinyl, or like wind blowing over a microphone. that sort of crackling.
    It could probably be a few things, as most of my gear is oddball old stuff. The amp is a Peavey Special Sheffield 212, 100w transtube amp. It's not the guitar, as this sound occurs even when no guitar is plugged in. Any hep would be much appreciated

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    First, I don't know that amp well enough to say if the noise is "normal" or a common problem with a known fix. But I've heard the noise you describe from failing opamps and transistors on older gear. Since the noise worsens with volume you can narrow it to the preamp. A quick shot of freeze spray often temporarily quiets a noisy chip or transistor. A short blast on each preamp silicootie may reveal a noisy one that could be replaced.
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      Hi guys

      Like most electronic equipment, it likely comes down to cold solder joints and/or dirty pots. Resolder every connection properly, do not just add new solder to the existing joint. This tends to fix 90% of problems in most gear.

      Have fun


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        Hi, have you fixed the noise problem? (I'm having a similar issue iwth a transistor EBS session30 bass amp)


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          Have you tried what´s suggested above?

          As a side note, your amp is VERY different from a Peavey so even if OP showed his fix, it would not apply to yours.

          Try the generic fix suggested above and if unsuccessful, you´ll actually have to troubleshoot your amp.

          Do you have its schematic?
          Ask it from EBS,otherwise the problem becomes impossible to solve.
          Juan Manuel Fahey


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