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Maximum capacitance on rectifier tube?

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  • Maximum capacitance on rectifier tube?

    What is the maximum capacitance that I should use for a 5u4GB rectifier tube in a two 6L6GC output tube circuit?

    I am recapping an old Fender Bantam Bass amp (trapezoid foam speaker and all). The schematic says two 70uf 350v in series for the B+. I just ordered two 100uf 350v capacitors and am second guessing whether I should have ordered two 80uf 450v capacitors.
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    Data sheet says 40uF max. Though I know some circuits exceed this (47uF). I think you'll be fine with your 100uFs in series (gives you 50uF nominal).
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      I have done extensive testing with various rectifiers as to input caps.You can go way over the tube manual specs.I have one amp with a 5R4 rectifier that specifies 20uf max.I have had it working with 80uf input,my sons been gigging it for about 10 yrs, no problem.My other sons amp has a 5U4 with 100uf input cap same results.You'll be fine with the 50 uf you have


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        The data sheet in RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC28 says you can exceed 40uF as long as you don't exceed the 1 Amp peak per plate current rating.
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