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Tweeter level (potmeter) with Monacor DNH-185

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  • Tweeter level (potmeter) with Monacor DNH-185

    Hello! I have a Ampeg BA115HP. The tweeter has a filter which has a tweeter level switch (3 pole potmeter). I would like to upgrade the tweeter with an Eminence APT 80. I was also recommended to upgrade the filter to a Monacor DNH-185. How do I connect the tweeter level switch in connection with this filter?

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    Here is the preamp schematic.
    Do you have any documentation on the Monacor filter?
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      Here is the Monacor filter schematic:

      And here is the original filter (which already has connections for the potmeter I am trying to use:

      The tweeter is piggy-backed on the 15" speaker output, so the signal to the filter is dependent on the equalizer on the amp (there is no separate/dry signal for the tweeter).

      There is probably a "common" way to connect a potmeter to limit the filter output, but I don't know how.
      The original tweeter potmeter has markings (-dB) on the dial. Ranging from infinity, 16, 15, 14 and so on... down to 0 (which is full output on the tweeter).
      I measured the three potmeter cables:
      RED+BLACK: 0.01ohm@infinity, 20ohm@half turn(4), 40ohm@0.5, open/no connection@0.
      BLUE+BLACK: 7.8ohm@infinity, 24ohm@half turn(4), 40ohm@0.5, open/no connection@0.
      BLUE+RED: 7.8ohm@infinity, 4ohm@half turn(4), 0.5ohm@0.5, 0ohm@0.
      From the original ampeg filter schematics, it seems RED is J8, BLACK is J7 (ground) and BLUE is J6.

      Any idea on how I incorporate the potmeter in the Monacor schematic? I am designing a Monacor clone PCB with the horn potmeter connections as a Christmas gift for my father.
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        Any faith in this circuit?
        I have duplicated the Monacor and tried to incorporate the Ampeg level potmeter connectors from the original Ampeg filter schematic . The connector J6 is a proprietary Ampeg connector, and will bring the signal in and out. The J1, J4 and J5 spade terminals with ATT_xxx is for the potmeter. If the filter is used with other amps than Ampeg, the spade terminals will function as signal in / out instead.

        Click image for larger version

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          I don't know but I suspect the potentiometer you have is really an L-pad. And really, all there is to that is wiring it in between crossover and tweeter per common L-pad wiring. On teh Ampeg crossover, they wired it within the crossover board, but it could just as easily be wired between board and tweeter.
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            You're correct. It's an AT-50H L-8ohm. I didn't know about L-pads until now


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