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100 watts from an effects pedal?!

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    This is the one I have, though now its more than doubled in price;


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      Just to recap some sentiments... Carvin suggests using this at the end of your pedal chain for guitar players. So this is not being recommended as supplemental power, but your main amp. That's gotta sound like, well, protein paste.
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        Maybe no different to plugging your pedal board into a desk or PA, but with the benefit of running through a guitar speaker. My own conclusion with this type of clean power is it's no different to any SS power amp and all of the signal shaping needs doing by the preamp. A few years ago I read an article by John McLaughlin saying he has a minimal pedalboard running into a Mesa V-twin pedal and he could just go straight into the desk with this and not have to take an amp. I related this approach to a number of customers as a backup provision, should their tube amps fail, but a number have been using the direct to desk approach instead using a V-Twin. So I think a V-Twin type pedal running into a class D amp module wouldn't be so bad for portability. For my own experiments I ended up using a Shaka Tube pedal that has a modified BMP tonestack and that works very well and my idea was to build an integrated pedal with the module I already have.


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          I know a guy who tours with a nostalgia hard rock band, not big enough to transport gear or even get any say in the backline rigs. He just has his pedalboard and plugs into the front of the amp or the effects loop and tweaks a bit as necessary and goes. It seems like the 80's are coming back into fashion for music gear anyway, why not a modern version of the preamp/processor-> poweramp rack? I've seen videos of Steve Vai saying that he can get enough of the sounds he needs just out of his Carvin Legacy pedal and can plug into just about anything.


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            The Kemper setup seems to be a variation on the same theme - a SS preamp/processor running into a SS power amp.


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              Originally posted by Axtman View Post
              How is it possible that this Carvin pedal can produce 100 watts with a 24 volt 5000 mA supply?

              Math agrees
              A stiff 24V supply will allow for 20-22V peak or 40Vpp bridged (which it most certainly is).
              40Vpp=20Vp=14V RMS=50W RMS into 4 ohm per channel, son 100W total.
              24V*5A=120W (DC) so reasonably 100W Audio at Class D efficiency, so yes on both counts.

              You MUST drive 2 x 4 ohm loads, of course.
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