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Mega-Maggie Mods? Magnatone MP-4 from 1965-1967

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  • Mega-Maggie Mods? Magnatone MP-4 from 1965-1967

    Any one know any info on “Mega-Maggie?”
    There’s really not even much on these amps. (A fuzzy schematic for the mp-2.. anyone got full res?)
    I was told the first two are cathode bypass switches. Kicking em on increases the gain for each channel individually and in channel one sets a real nice tone. I’m not entirely sure what the switch all the way to the right does, increases gain but acts on both channels. I haven’t opened it up yet, should be easy to tell as everything here is p2p but just for the life of my research, couldn’t find anything on mega-Maggie. And since this amp is from 65-67 there’s a whole lot of hands that could have seen it since.

    Also, any additional info on this amp would be cool if anyone knows.

    (I know I really should open it up and it would answer my “what is the switch doing” question... but also kinda curious, what if mega Maggie is someone in here?)


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      I think the M4 and the MP4 are very different amps.


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        I have an MP-4, does not seem to have anything in common with the M-4 unfortunately, very different