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  • Boss GT6 users.

    This question is for past and present Boss GT6 users.

    I have a Boss GT6 that i am just playing around with.

    I made a delay i like in one preset that i would like to clone to another.

    Problem is; when i click on delay button it just says "User" without telling me which delay type is being used.

    I made all the settings the same in another preset and by going through all the delay types i still cannot get the same delay sound.

    Question: Is it possible to know which delay i used?

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    perhaps you have a friend who has a version of this


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      Originally posted by oc disorder View Post
      perhaps you have a friend who has a version of this
      Yes i found this online as well

      If this will provide what i need and other useful features i will look into it.

      I connect the GT6 via midi cable to the PC? Then i will need an audio interface for that right?


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        No , just the midi connector , depending on handshakes (I haven't kept up with the latest) you may need 2 midi cables.
        You can leave amp and guitar connected .. it's just like a giant remote control the PC .. just deals with digital parameters.
        If you have a keyboard friend who's into Midi .. suggest you get a few tips... there appear to be demo versions around-
        dunno if that is enough to display what you want (without being able to edit it) and what you are seeking may not be available .. depends on the software i.e. how it was written.
        You may have to read manuals.. gets a bit tedious but gradually makes sense.

        Edit. of course you will need a midi interface/port need to check what the software recommends.
        It was possible to build one back in the early days from the printer port .. these days the labour is done gratis .. well
        the prices on the cheap ones are less than the sum of their parts! and we have the USB to midi type ones.
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          Alright OC. Explanation very appreciated!