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Digitech Drop Original Note Problem

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  • Digitech Drop Original Note Problem

    I have a Digitech Drop Pedal where the pedal works, but every setting is allowing the original note to come through also. Anybody else have this issue before?

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    a friend contacted me today for a problem with this pedal acting strange,it seems that is sensible to bad power supply,and needs a separate unit.Also no other pedal is allowed in front,so try with passive guitar through a cable direct in input,powered by a separate 500mA PS.
    Other than that i guess it is candidate for substitution.


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      Sad to say I've done all of the above.


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        Isn't there a setting for 'drop + dry' ? Does that make it any worse, or is it possible that the pedal is stuck in that mode?
        Was it working correctly before?
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          The drop+dry works fine as it's an octave down with the dry's allowing that dry signal on every other setting that's the problem.


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            Does it sound any different when drop + dry is selected compared to drop only?
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