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Zener diode replacement for W03C

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  • Zener diode replacement for W03C

    Hi all,
    I've got a TS-9 Tube screamer. The zener diode, which I have to replace, in the power supply is part number W03C but it's listed as obsolete at most part houses. Is there a replacement or substitute for this diode. I think it's there so you cannot hook up an adaptor (wall wart) backwards to the circuit and damage the pedal. it's a 9 volt circuit, battery or wall adapter. Any recommendations are appreciated.
    Bob M.

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    I think it may be just a regular rectifier diode (reverse biased)? Do you have the right schematic for your version that you could post?
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      The only zener is in the switching circuit (RD4.7EB). W03C is a standard 1A rectifier diode (used for wrong polarity protection at the power supply input).

      You can use a 1N400x (the x standing for 1...7).
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        Here is the TS-9 schematic.
        Yeah, the W03C is just a reverse protection diode.

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          BTW, this "protection" diode is a very bad solution. While it mostly protects the unit's electronics against wrong supply polarity, it shorts the power supply and may kill it.
          A much better solution is to wire a Schottky diode in series with the positive supply input.
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