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Boss GT-10 repair (tactile switches)

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  • Boss GT-10 repair (tactile switches)

    I'm working on a Boss GT-10 at the moment. The problem is defective tactile switches. The unit looks to have been exposed to moisture. Some of the switches are frozen. The unit fully works otherwise, so it's worth fixing. These are the switches under the pedals. The problem is where to get replacement switches. As you can see in the photo, it's a rather ordinary looking switch, however, the plunger is rubber. I think this rubber is to absorb any pressure from the pedal. There are plenty of options out there, but none have the rubber plunger. Any of you know where to look for this? Thanks!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Boss tactile switch.JPG Views:	0 Size:	48.6 KB ID:	913404

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    Call Full Compass to verify that the ME 50 switch is the same. (it appears to be)
    They can provide delivery info at that time.


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      Jazz P bass,
      Thank you for your thoughts. Indeed, I already know the tactile switch for the ME 50 is the same as the GT-10. I also found that Full Compass usually has these in stock, but they are out of stock at the moment. I called them and left a message, and have not yet heard back from them. I called to find out if they can get more, and how long it would take. In the meantime, my hope was that someone here on this forum could steer me to some other source.


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        Try cleaning with alcohol? I'd look at AliExpress, they may have something.


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          Mozz, these tactile switches are far beyond cleaning with alcohol! They are rusted solid!....I checked AliExpress...they have a heap of tactile switches, however, none with a rubber plunger.


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            The entire plunger is rubber? Wouldn't it bend? Have you tried to pull the plunger off? Maybe a plastic plunger and a rubber dot or foot where it touches?
            There are a few 2 pin switches here, i would email and ask if they have any soft or rubber plunger/actuator

            pictures of 2 pin


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              I had a similar problem with a Behringer unit - I could not find a switch with the correct plunger height. So - I bought some new switches with the correct footprint, carefully removed the plunger cover and plunger, installed the old plunger and very, very carefully epoxied the original plunger cover back on. I did seven switches and had to redo one. The y worked fine. I used switches from ebay, I'm sure the they are not the best but they do work. Mine were 4 pin. I ordered 2 pin like yours for a Digitech pedal I'm working on.


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