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  • My Subscriptions?

    Hey all, I can't find my threads that I'm subscribed to. It looks like the whole forum layout has changed. Please help!

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    Website had a major upgrade here is the best I can do .
    This is an advanced search tied to your username.
    Click the first link there are 2 there
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      Try this:


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        Originally posted by lowell View Post
        I can't find my threads that I'm subscribed to.
        On your profile page, the number of subscriptions you have is shown in blue. It's not really obvious, but clicking the blue number will take you to the complete list of your subscriptions.

        Click image for larger version

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          I don't know how it works for everyone on every server/OS/etc. but "I" can just click on my user icon and then pick "my recent posts" and all my subscriptions are there. You may want to modify the arrangement (which is a user adjustable parameter) but that does get me to my subscriptions.
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            Got it thanks all, user icon > recent posts does the trick