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Need help fixing guitar buzz

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  • Need help fixing guitar buzz

    Here's a video explaining my issue

    Hope someone can help!

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    Welcome to the forum. Is this a new build or an existing guitar that's developed a fault? It looks to me that you may have the hot and ground connection reversed - maybe at the output socket.


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      Hey there! It's an existing guitar that's developed a fault. I got the current pickups installed by a shop around the start of the year and it worked fine without any buzzing until recently. My guess is I must have knocked the guitar abit too hard or something because I do tend to be a little clumsy with it.


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        Does the guitar do this with the volume turned to zero? Check the grounding to make sure the socket is connected up OK and there are no wires loose anywhere or any shorts - especially check the 'hot' socket contact isn't coming into contact with the screening when you insert the plug.


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          Was going to agree with Mick - a hot & ground are reversed somewhere.

          FYI, when you are touching the "side," that black paint is a part of the circuit. It's conductive shieldibg, which is supposed to shunt unwanted interference to ground & prevent noise from getting picked up by wiring.

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