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    I have just got another guitar, but the volume knob gives out scratchy intermittent noises when used.
    I think contact cleaner would solve the problem, but as I live in Scotland, UK, the don't want to spend a hefty delivery charge for Deoxit, which is sourced outside the UK.
    Is there any comparable contact cleaner sourced in the UK that would do the job?

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    For many years now I've used Kontakt PR. It lasts a long time so a small 60ml can is OK. I've found that if a pot doesn't respond to this then there's something more serious wrong with it. The treatment is also long lasting and the pot stays quiet. I used to find it in the UK but now mainly it seems to be Polish sellers, though a few months ago I did see it in the UK at 2.99 inc. delivery. I buy the larger cans in a box of 6 from TME in Poland as I use it every day for amp and guitar work.


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      Thanks Mick, I checked Ebay, and the price was 5.69, but unfortunately it's out of stock, so I guess i'll just have to either wait, or see if something else turns up. all the best, Kazik


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        You could try isopropyl alcohol.
        Just don't overdo it.


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