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    Starting to have some modest success with the uber-simple 51 P-Bass pickup. Now getting some requests for J-Bass. I noticed Duncan's vintage clone J-Bass set is wound in the 9's. That seems a little hot if it's 42 so I'm wondering if they (or any vintage/vintage clone) are wound with 43 instead. Anyone?

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    I'd say you could achieve the low 9k on the Jazz Bridge pickup with 42 gauge wire . being the bobbin is usually .525" inside the top & bottom flatwork .
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      I'm not worried about getting the wire on there, just how it would sound. Seems a little hot.

      Also, what about spacing? Are there varieties of string spacing on Jazz Basses? Are 4-strings pretty consistent? There seems to be 67mm neck and 70mm bridge for some 5-strings and 70mm/74mm for others.


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        Spacing is all over the map but Fender never cared about lining poles up with the strings anyway and it won't matter 99% of the time. More important to get the stagger right for the 7.25" radius fingerboards. On 5 strings you'll need to com up with multiple spacings for both neck and bridge. If you're considering split J coils then you'll almost have to use 43 as the gap between the coils is way too close for a 9250 turns wind.


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          I made a split Strat pickup once before just to see if it could be done, and it can, except of course as I quickly discovered it means you can't bend the G or D strings without the signal canceling out. Not a problem with basses, or not nearly as much. I would think 4 strings would require multiple spacings for neck and bridge too, the strings get closer together as you move away from the bridge on nearly all guitars and basses.


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            There is a lot of J-bass data in the B/H rewind thread.
            Posts 15-26, 128.

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