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Quarter Inch Magnet Rods, Wire Size

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  • Quarter Inch Magnet Rods, Wire Size

    Hello, I am new here and this seems to be a very informative place to hang!

    I am looking for some simple information, but after searching I have been unsuccessful in finding the information I would like. I am planning on winding two Strat pickups with .25" A5 magnet rods. I am using these bobbins:

    I would like to get close to a Duncan SSL-4 spec. Can someone tell me what wire gauge would be best and a ballpark wind count?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Considering how much space the magnets take up compared to a standard pickup, I would first surmise that it is not the standard 42 gauge. If it was 43 gauge it would be about 8k. Based on the spec of 13k-ish. I would guess it is 44guage and around 10k winds.
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      Thanks so much for the reply Magnut, I appreciate the insight.